Thursday, October 7, 2010

My lips are chapped

Well, tis the end of a very long and productive day. Right now I'm sitting on the floor of my ever so messy room playing the Georgia game. It's super fun and you don't necessarily need to have a guinea pig named Georgia in order to play... just a bunch of awesome tunes to sing along to and a willing person or animal to have their name put in the lyrics. Here are some of my greatest hits:

-Georgia in the U.S.A.
-Walking on Georgia
-Rockin' around the Georgia Tree
-Georgia Looks Like a Lady
-Oh, I Just Can't Wait to be Georgia
-It's Still Rock n' Roll to Georgia

I got a bunch more but you get the idea. I'm in a goofy mood :)

Anyways, my second day of training for work at Angora didn't have me quite as panic stricken as yesterday, but I'm still having trouble making the frozen yogurts nice and swirly, and don't even get me started on the espresso machine. My supervisor though, Tulan, she is the sweetest lady since sliced pumpkin bread. She's from Turkey, and since she only moved here a couple years ago her English is still kind of choppy. Back home she was an engineer, but I guess she wanted to start a business instead and she moved to the U.S. I'm lucky to have someone as patient as she is to train me. I'm such a screw up and always missing important details about things, but Tulan doesn't yell or get frustrated.

I've been asked to taste the ice creams a few times, which puts me in a bit of an awkward position. I'm not one of those people who can just sit down and have a nice little bowl of rocky road, let alone a spoonful. Ice cream has become such a major binge food for me that I wouldn't dare attempt to eat it on "real" days.

Speaking of food and grossness and being fat and having a soul sucking eating disorder, I have totally failed in my homework for Dr. Gordon this week. After my string of binge episodes last week, she asked me to fill out diary cards of all my exchanges for the next seven days, making sure to stick to the meal plan I had in program, and keeping track of any urges or feelings I had around meals or snacks. Ummm... not only have I not gotten around to finding where I put all my blank diary cards, but I haven't been eating full meals either- due to my appetite being dashed every time I look at my enormous thighs. Lunch is usually a peanut butter Clif bar, and salad for dinner. Once the weekend is over and I've had some distance from the week of behaviors I'll probably be able to stomach some real meals, but until then I'm just trying to keep my mind off of it.

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