Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So my obsessive thinking about food and exercise is kicking up and I really want to resolve this question...

Is there a certain type of food that's better to eat before working out? Like do you burn more calories if you eat something carb-ish first? I've heard that its better to save protein packed snacks like yogurt and nuts for AFTER the gym but I have no idea. Does that mean you shouldn't eat them before exercise? What the hell?

Ugh. Does anyone know? Does it even matter? I'M FRIGHTENED.


  1. Eat something well balanced. A little bit of everything. You need fat to burn fat.

  2. sounds good.

    also, do you know what's considered too much exercise? i mean, i work out every day and CANNOT fathom doing less but i'm reading all this stuff about how it'll destroy your bones and muscles. ughh... you exercise a lot too though right?

  3. Yes, PTC does exercise a lot....too much exercise is not good. I'd recommend 3-4 times per week, 1 hr each session, maximum.
    That's all you need....any more than that, won't do you much good.


  4. You need to get book Nutrient Timing! My trainer swears by it. It's at work right now so I can not remember it all but I remeber this Before working out take a bit of protein powder with some hi-glycimic carbs - bannana or berries and mix it up about 30 minutes before.

    While working out mix up your water bottle with a tsp of protein powder and about 1/3 scoop of some kind of starch powder - waxymaze (I think it was something like that) Hi carb/sugar. Drink that while working out, it will improve your workout so much.

    After workout, within 30 minutes two scoops of protein powder and mix in some milk with it.

    When done that way it will help you burn more calories and LONGER!! Something to do with body staying in fat burning mode longer. The bad thing is that it will make your muscels grow too so you will not really lose weigth, but your % of body fat will change. I don't know what you need right now but I know that your body would love this. Just don't count the calories!