Monday, February 15, 2010


Today was SUPPOSEDLY going to be my first day in outpatient treatment, but it got postponed AGAIN. I'm starting to think this place has changed their minds about me. At my intake interview I kept asking questions like, "Do I HAVE to eat snack?" and "What happens if I had a big breakfast and I'm not hungry?" I hope I didn't seem difficult...
Either way I don't really care what happens or when it starts. I just hate being home alone all day!!

I've been feeling like such a failure the past few days. I know I'm only on medical leave for a semester, but I feel like a college drop out or something. Luckily my self-esteem issues are making me hyper focused on weight loss so I haven't binged in a whole week. Pretty soon I should be back to my pre-holiday weight. Being skinny will make up for the fact that I have no other redeeming qualities at the moment.


  1. That's weird that they keep postponing it. They're not having second thoughts though. And yes, you do have othe redeeming qualities!!

  2. Awww thanks.

    It's a small program... like 10 or 12 people and some of them are apparently needing longer treatment.

  3. oh ok, that makes sense then. See, it's NOT you.

  4. Not a drop out! Lot's of people take time out for life and health problems! You will make it back there and finish.