Monday, September 20, 2010

Good stuff

Good news on the therapist front! I was initially hesitant to express how much I liked Dr. Gordon with my parents because I didn't want them to feel guilt-tripped into signing on with a doctor who doesn't take our insurance, but they both made it clear to me that if she seems like a good fit it'll be worth paying out of pocket for a while. So now I have another allied combatant in this war against ED. Hooray! I should give her a pseudonym for the sake of this blog... Dr. Biteme was good for my last therapist because she was cross and punitive and the only thing I ever felt like saying to her was "bite me."

Dr. Gordon is probably in her early forties. She's small... about two or three inches shorter than me, and super skinny. (Ugh. I know, right?) She has lightish brownish blonde wavy hair and today she had it in a pony tail. She looks a little like Sarah Jessica Parker only less pointy in the face.

One thing that struck me initially about her is that she tells me things about herself occasionally. Like, I was talking about how I don't want to wear jeans and skirts and attractive looking clothes because I don't feel thin enough to look nice yet. She told me that she just had a baby, and while she was pregnant none of her clothes fit but she still went out and bought maternity clothes because no matter what, you need actual clothes. I guess I understand where she is coming from but in all honesty, pregnancy weight is completely different. You're carrying the weight of TWO humans whereas I'm just toting around 30 extra pounds of Nutella on my thighs. Anyways, my point is that she likes to use examples from her life when she's giving me advice, which Dr. Biteme never did. I wonder if that's normal. Well it doesn't matter. I embrace the irregular.

I still need to think of a name for her. Maybe I'll call her Panacea. Panacea is the Greek Goddess of healing.


  1. Remember that we are all different. That is all you need to remember. There will allways be someone heavier, lighter, taller, shorter, weaker or stronger than you. You have to be you.

    On the other hand I get it, my T is small, like 5.2 and so tiny/skinny. But hey she is a girl and I am much taller than her, and stonger (physically) than her so I'm supposed to be bigger than her.

    I think that this can be a good fit for you. And lay off your thighs they work hard to keep your body moving.

  2. Yay, I'm glad that you're going to stick with her and that your parents are being supportive of the situation. :) It's hard to find a good one!