Monday, July 12, 2010

Slow afternoon

It's almost been a week since the start of my summer health kick and I've been sticking to it fairly well. Today I decided to test my strength against binge urges. For lunch I packed my favorite sandwich that's usually reserved just for food benders because it's too triggering- peanut butter and fluff on rich Canadian white bread. SO YUMMY. But I figured eating with kids at work was a safe enough environment to experiment with triggering foods in a moderate fashion. I was a little bit urgey afterwards. In my mind I was like oh god I can't believe how many calories that probably had I might as well call it a binge and eat five more when I get home. Luckily however, we have a half an hour between lunch and dismissal so that gave me enough time to put things in perspective and get over it.

Blegh I'm working on the poopiest task right now. I need to e-mail the registrar at my school and ask him how to transfer the credit from my BU summer class. I have to all this stuff like dig up the course number and amount of credits the class is worth... boring stuff that I would rather put off till tomorrow. Maybe I'll settle down in front a Harry Potter movie and work so slowly I won't even notice I'm bored. I think I'll go with Prisoner of Azkaban. Gary Oldman is such a fox as Sirius Black...

It's taken me like four hours to finish writing this itty bitty post. I wrote the first paragraph right when I got home from work at 1:00, then I felt like bingeing so I went the gym, then on my way home I picked my sister up from camp and now it's 5:00.


  1. Glad you were able to put things in perspective. Often I think a/b how one of the reasons programs can be effective is because they keep us "contained" in between the meals... so that we're forced to gain perspective and we can't go all crazy instantly.

  2. Glad you did so good. It's nice to know that you can enjoy food without binging. I'm working on that myself.

    And I hope you get the credit transfered.