Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The apocalypse?

99 HELLISH DEGREES AND NO END IN SIGHT. I REFUSE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. All I want to do is putz around on my laptop and watch reruns of The Office. I also wouldn't mind ordering a giant cheese pizza for dinner... just as long as I don't have to eat it outside or leave the house to go pick it up.

Today was the first of camp at the summer program where I'm working. It feels weird calling it camp though... it's a kindergarten classroom setting and the program is sort of designed for kids who either have learning disabilities and need a school-like environment to help them stay on track with stuff over the summer... or regular kids who don't have learning disabilities but whose parent's just don't have a ton of money because the tuition is really cheap.

Anyways, we have an adorable group of kids this year- about 16 of them, all around four and five years old. This one girl named Chrysanthe, she's super cute but at lunch would not stop singing Baby by Justin Beiber so to distract her I asked what her plans were for after camp today. She says, "My uncle is picking me up. I'm going to the park with my uncle! We're going to play in the park! It's going to be so romantic!" I was slightly weirded out by this comment but later on she also used the word romantic to describe the temperature outside... and her shoelaces.

I made a bunch of copies of the diary cards we used when I was in program. We had to fill one out for every day. It has a box for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the three snacks you're supposed to eat every day... you fill in the amount of exchanges it calls for on the meal plan, then you fill in the amount of exchanges you actually ate at that meal. There's a before and after hunger scale for each allotted meal or snack, and then a chart where you check off any behaviors used around the meal (binge, purge, restrict, diet pills, exercise). If you didn't have a behavior but had an urge, you rate the urge on a scale of intensity from 1 to 5 and then write how you felt and how you dealt with it. I want to start filling these out again because I just wrapped things up with my nutritionist so I feel like I need to keep super close tabs on my eating. I'll start doing that tomorrow.



  1. Hey take a pic of one of the cards. It sounds like something I could try.

    Yep its hot. Global warming is back!

    And kids do get stuck on a word sometimes. It's funny cause they use it for everything. Drives me nuts sometimes but that's life.

    Hope you did good today.

  2. Good for you for continuing to self-monitor around food. I agree that it is important.

    That is HILARIOUS about the little girl overusing "romantic."

  3. David, I'm definitely gonna make sure I put up a copy of one of the diary cards... they are super helpful

    Thanks for all the positive energy, guys!