Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh happy day?

Now that I have a job during the week that actually involves me DOING SOMETHING during the day, it makes the weekends that much more confusing and directionless. I literally woke up this morning and felt afraid of all the time I was going to have on my hands today. I can't count how many weekends have turned into binge festivals because I wasn't prepared for lack of structure in my day. So today, even though I didn't have a schedule made up (like Marci advises) I was armed to the teeth with skills. After breakfast I left the house immediately to kick the soccer ball around in the park with little sister Rachel, and then throughout the day I just found little errands to run and tasks to keep myself busy. Went to the New England Mobile Book Fair with my mom which is practically the most engrossing store ever. Books are delivered straight to this warehouse from the publishing companies, and organized by publisher as opposed to author. All these amazing new books are ridiculously low priced. I bought a bunch. So shopping and reading occupied a great deal of my time today.

I also went to the gym this afternoon for the first time in like... weeks. Going to the gym is another binge trigger because I get super hungry afterwards but at the same time feel guilty for wanting extra food. I usually end up giving in and having a snack, then feeling horrible about it and bingeing to numb away the guilt.

I am not going to get complacent just because I had a successful Saturday though. Every time something good happens and I brag about it, the next day usually involves lots of ice cream and Nutella with a spoon.


  1. Hope the rest of your night goes well. Maybe you can think of it this way, I went to the gym to burn calories so I don't want to be counterproductive and binge. Though, that's probably not great advice either b/c it could be a little bit disordered.

  2. I've not quite figured out weekends either. It's hard to not have the structure. For me it's the chinese resturant, Ice cream will just suck me down way too fast.