Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That's right, woodchuck-chuckers!

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone! It is absolutely terrible outside. It snowed all night and then turned to rain this morning so shoveling was an absolute nightmare of wetness. After like half an hour of being outside I asked my dad if I could go inside and do housework instead and he said okay so I cleaned the upstairs living room.

I ended up having a phone session with Marci yesterday because of how awful the roads were. I tried driving out to Cambridge to make our appointment but the car kept skidding and making alarm noises so I had to turn around and just call her from home. All in all it was an okay session but towards the end she said something that kind of made me feel depressed and bad about myself. I'm sure she meant it to sound encouraging but it really didn't feel that way. I'd rather not dwell on the comment though. I feel like that would just make it worse and I kind of want to forget about it. Just thought I'd put it out there. Sometimes even the people you really count on for support can let you down.

I'm happy it's February. I love the beginnings of new months. I'm not ready for spring yet though... I can't even think about wearing shorts at this weight.

There's nothing good on t.v. I can't wait for American Idol tonight. My mom asked me to text Heather and invite her over to watch with us but I really don't feel like seeing her.

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